Friday, January 29, 2010

trip to the moon

The trip to the Pinnacles was pretty amazing. we headed over in the afternoon, so that we could catch them at sunset. It was like being on the surface of the moon, with rocks taller than me! there were thousands of them across a vast area.

I also tracked an Ostrich whilst viewing the rocks.... i almost felt like an explorer.

Friday was a bit of a nothing day. we have travelled 650km and it has been REALLY BORING! The roads are so long and straight, you could fall asleep and travel 10km without any issues!

So, we are now in denham, which is Part of the Shark Bay heritage area. Just planning what adventures we are getting up to in the next few days.... feeding dolphins, snorkelling and boat cruises..... life is so hard sometimes!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Snags on the Barbie!!

G'day. well, Australia day went down very well. We spent the day down at the foreshore, and got involved in all the activities. We even kayaked without using any oars....

We also spent some of the time on the beach, and as a result, got a little burnt. You can clearly spot us now as tourists! we're the red people!

The firework display in the evening was pretty amazing, with about 30 mins of fireworks and a fantastic finale. Not sure why we cant celebrate St George's day in a similar manor. Every ozzie was draped in the flag, face painted or wearing patriotic clothing. I cant believe more brits celebrate St Paddy's day than St Georges!

Today, we headed back down to Jurien Bay. we hired a car and made our way south. It took around 2 hours and was the most boring drive ever! Long straight roads.

We have a deluxe chalet in a caravan tourist park, and its brand new. you can even smell the paint on the walls.....

We bought some food in and made use of the BBQ facilities. They have metal plate bbqs here, and i didnt buy any cooking oil to cook the meat with.. so i had to humbly walk up to some locals, and sheepishly ask for some cooking oil.... with the excuse of... in england, we only have coal bbqs, and am not used to cooking this way! what a pillock!

We have managed to watch a lot of tennis over here, with the open now being played. Tanya is getting into it a little bit, but she still hasnt worked out the scoring yet. only a little annoying to explain each time a point/game/set or match is won!!

Off to the Pinnacles tomorrow.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Australia Day

Well, it is now Tuesday morning. My sleeping pattern is still dodgy, but i am getting slightly more sleep each night.

So, after my 4 hours sleep sat night, we headed off to Swann Valley for a wine tasting tour. The trip was fantastic, and we even learnt something as well!! there was this bloke on our tour, who was an absolute double of a friend of ours - an irish guy called tony. After a few glasses of wine, i worked up the courage to get my picture taken with him, so that i could send it to my friend! i know, i'm a loser!

We purchased some cheese, olives and crackers, and ate them with some wine when we got back to the apartment. pure indulgence!

Monday was us leave perth and head northwards into the unknown. Trying to hire a car was a bit of a nightmare, so we decided to coach it up, using a hop on hop off service.

So, after 6.5 hours, we arrived in a place called Geraldton. This is a small coastal town, with not a lot to do!!

It is however Australia Day on the 26th Jan, so the whole town is closed down and there is loads going on down at the beach. We'll just turn up, and be pretend Ozzies for the day!

there's lots of debate here at the moment about whether the union jack should be removed from their flag.... the funniest thing is, those who want it removed, have no idea what to replace it with..... what would they do without us eh?

The next few days are all about visiting some small towns on the coast, so not sure if there will be much to write, but will keep you posted on any action we may come across!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Zombie Land

Oh my god I NEED SLEEP. It is now Saturday night, and since Tuesday morning, I have had 8 hours sleep in total..... WHY ME! I am just walking around in a daze... We also havent stopped either, which is why i cant understand why i cant sleep. Tanya can sleep like a little baby!!

Its taken us a while to get into the 21st century. Pay as you go mobiles and wireless broadband sticks are a nightmare to organise! We have now been upgraded into the technological era!

So, friday (after 2 hours sleep), saw us take the train to Freo (Freemantle). A quaint little town on the outskirts of Perth. It reminded me very much of Manly in Sydney. Lots of oldie worldie buildings, markets and coffee shops. The afternoon saw us head to cottesloe beach for a sandblast exfoliate. The wind had picked up somewhat!

So there's me, looking to start my tan, when i notice that practically all the men have tanned and tonned shaved chest. Feeling a little insecure, i kept the t-shirt on feeling slightly inadequate with a scrawny hairy chest. Then, as if by magic, two french speaking gals walked past with hairy armpits... well, the shirt came flying off! and let the tanning being!

I thought that an early night would cure any jet lag symptoms... plus the added bonus of herbal medicine to assist sleep! So, to bed i went..... 2 hours later, i was awake and thinking about EVERYTHING!

So today - we took the trip to Rottnest island..... talk about your trains, planes and automobile situation. It tool 3 hours to get there. we spent 4 hours on the island. and then it took another 3 hours to get back. There were some good photo opportunities, but all in all, not the best place we have visited.

The ferry trip back saw a very impressive thunderstorm. This is the 1st time i have seen lightening in the day time!

We had a visit to an outdoor cinema on our return to perth... Unfortinuatley, the storm followed us back and the film was canceled... after a mad rush and expensive taxi's to get there!

Anyway - i have had a bottle of wine to assist my sleep ambitions tonight. PLEASE GOD LET ME SLEEP TONIGHT.

Its a wine tasting tour tomorrow in the swann valley region.... if i am still sane!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Back to the Future

"Marty", cried Doc, "dont forget you need to get to 88 mph".... that was going through my mind as the plane took off at exactly 188mph.......

So, after an eternity of plane travel, we finally land in OZ next Tuesday.... i think.

I have had 4 hours sleep since waking up on tuesday morning - its now thurs eve!

The flight with Singapore air was hard work, but having leg room seats helped. We were also given a cake and some champange, as i emailed ahead and told them it was our anniversary... the only think we didnt get was a free upgrade!

so we landed in sinapore, and managed to get 2 hours kip in the transit hotel. i didnt manage to get to the swimming pool, but i aim to on the return trip!

We then got the plane to perth, and door to door, it took 3 hours! the queue for customs, security and then the wait for the shuttle bus!

our hotel is great. we have an apartment, with all facilities, and its also part of a hotel, which has all the restuarants and swimming pool stuff you usually get.

we have had a wonder round the town, and purchased an iced coffee, which are a must do in oz. they just dont make them the same back home.

we're kinda walking round like zombies at the moment. we are gonna chill this eve. probably grab something nice to eat and then hit the sack.

got lots planned for the next few days - rotness island, swann valley, fremantle, cottelsoe beach and the open air cinema....

i'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the little things

So, after Millie scratched the hell out of my hand as a leaving present, we set off to heathrow airport. I have to say that i have never had such a hassle free journey to an airport. there was no traffic, and door to door, it took an hour!!

Once checked in, i mentioned a little email i sent about accessing singapore airway's 1st class lounge at terminal 3. We were then shown the way to where the creme de le creme hang out.

So, here i am, sat with my free beer, free buffet and comfy seat, sending you warm wishes as we await our plane. Hey, this is a classic case of, if you dont ask, you dont get.

No doubt my next blog will come from singapore, where we have a 6 hour wait for our connecting flight. but no worries there. I booked us into the airport hotel, where you have access to all facilities, including a rooftop swimming pool!!