Sunday, July 31, 2005



me again,well, I have had quite a nice week. We met up with a few of the guysfrom the thailand tour, and went out for a few drinks on weds eve. itwas good to have a gossip and catch up on whats been happening.

on thurs, we met up again and went out for my birthday for a fewdrinks. We went down to kings cross, and went to a pub calledo'mally's where there was a live jazz band playing.. there were thesecrazy groupies with them, who were dancing kinda funny.

then, me and tanya went out last night for a posh meal at a mexican salsa resturant and club. I had chicken in a spicey chocolate sauce.... it was yummy. then we went to the club part, where they were playing latin salsa music all night, which was pretty cool.

we also went to manly beach on saturday, after we went shopping for my, we have been down darling harbour, where there is an international boat show at the moment. very busy down there, full of rich people as well.

temps hitting 23 degress.... gotta hate these "cold" winter days.....Hope all is well,

Saturday, July 23, 2005

bondai surfin


Hi y'all.
well, i've finally done it. after all this time, i have surfed in
bondai......when i say surf, there was no board.....well a keyboard..
ok. ok. i only meant surf the web at a place in bondai, but its close
Some of you know that I got the job at the law firm, so things are
looking good on the money front. life is back to normal though,
working to pay the bills, and save enough money to continue our travel
around oz.
Last week, we took some pics of operah house, and bridge etc. tanya
also met up with her friend hannah, and they did a few touristy
I also went down to the opera house one lunch time, and I saw the
bridal party of leyton hewitt.. he's marrying a girl from home and
away, so saw some of the cast as they were heading to the wedding.
didnt see leyton, as his limo was darked out.
Went for a wander round bondai beach today in the middle of
winter....20 degrees, clear blue skies. so went for a bit of a
sunbathe.... love it.
Been here a few weeks now, nad a bit dissapointed that i havent heard
much ozzy slang....still havent heard the following sayings;

flamin gala
snags on the barbie

have heard sticky beak, and ripper......cant think of any others.
home and away and neighbours are misrepresenting these well educated
and well spoken sydneysiders. maybe when we head further north, it
may change.
as for home and away, it was jess who killed chloe, by accident. and
coz its neighbours 20th year, loads of characters are coming back. the
1st to appear was analiese. will keep you posted.
hope all you guys are doing well. and congrats to julian and kelly on
the birth of their child, Louie.
See ya'll later

Thursday, July 21, 2005

in sydney


Me and tanya are currently in sydney, working really hard!!

I will update the blog again once we start travelling. meanwhile, I will be sending out a weekly email to keep you posted on our progress.....

Thanks for looking

Tuesday, July 12, 2005



Hello guys.just an update to let you know whats been happening.Not a lot really. Well, I have an interview for a law firm to do somesupport work, but apart from that, the job front is looking quiet.the weather is not nice so I cant go surfin or sun bathing.

Although, we did discover that we have a steam room and sauna in ourapartment block. that has certainly made the days of the week moreinteresting. there is also a gym, but not really interested in that!!The bomb blasts in london is a huge story here. every news bulletinis focused on that. now that they suspect an oz has died as well, itsintensified. Hope all you guys are ok, and havent been affected by it.

Anyway, I'm off to hunt for Sean Connery, as he has been spotted downthe road from where we are living. what? There's not much else to dowhen you arent working!!Oh, home and away is getting quite interesting.

for those who areinterested, alf has his 60th bday, and all the characters from thepast come back. its quite weird. make sure you catch it as it bringsback a lot of memories. also, chloe dies.....yeah, sad I know.....Catch ya laterAaron

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

bubble wrap


Oh what a day. Just spent most of it bubble wrapping pc monitors.....
for 7 pound an hours, half of which I will lose in tax.....
although, just had a call about some support work. $28 an hour !!
things are looking up
Not alot to tell. Tanya completed her 1st shift as a nurse here.
havent spoken to her yet, but I think it went well.
Been watching neighbours as well. Paul robinson has lost one of his
legs in some sort of accident. and he had an affair with david's wife
(harold's son's wife).
Now that we have some jobs sorted, we will probably have a good look
round sydney, and maybe hit bondai beach or something. dont get paid
for 2 weeks, so have to be cheap.,
Anyway, more bubble wrapping tomorrow. nearly 40 monitors to wrap, so
should take most of the day 'sigh'
Love aaron

Friday, July 01, 2005

in sydney


Hey guys.
we are now in sydney, not quite settled yet, but making ourselves
familiar with everything.
Tanya has sorted out a job, and she starts on monday.....yey...
as for me, nothing yet, not as easy as people make it out to be.
Even 4 years in a corporate bank counts for nothing....or maybe coz it
was barclays...
May have to get a job as a cold caller in telesales....
anyway, we have found a really nice apartment to rent. Of course,
Tanya will be paying for this... for now. Its 5 mins from central
junction (trains), so any of you that are visiting sydney, feel free
to drop me a mail to come and stay (good rates too).
Well, it has pretty much been raining in sydney since we arrived.
Typical, they havent had rain for months as well. we're not just
talking showers, this is big fat rain, for hours on end.
Things here are expensive too. Going through our Odraft like a crazy person.
On the good side, we saw two whales the other day whilst we were on
coogee beach. How amazing was that. They were just fliging their
tales out of the water.
The hostel we are in is right on the beach, which is nice, but havent
been on the beach yet. All full of young drunk people too.....Am I
getting old?

Not much else to tell. hopefully I'll get a job soon. if you know
anyone that can help me, then feel free to pass on any contact
Catch ya laters